1 & 2 Samuel Study Guides

These studies are designed to be used the week prior to the sermon. This will allow for observations to be made and questions to be raised about the text that can be answered either in the discussion or in sermon that week. In this way, the sermon will help us to further our study of the text. 

Read this guide on how to use the studies

Week of August 31: Introduction

1 Samuel 1-15

Week of September 7: Choosing

1 Samuel 16

Week of September 14: The Vital Question

1 Samuel 17 pt. 1 (17:1-37) 

Week of September 21: God is in Control

1 Samuel 17 pt. 2 (17:37-18:12)

Week of September 28: Seeing Jesus: Encountering Him in the Epistles 

Series 1: Philippians

Week of October 5: The Lord was with David

1 Samuel 18

Week of October 12: A Plague of Prophets

1 Samuel 19 

Week of October 19:Jonathan 

1 Samuel 20

Week of October 26: Seeing Jesus: Encountering Him in the Epistles Seeing

Series 2: Ephesians

Week of November 2: Seeing Jesus: Encountering Him in the Epistles 

Series 3: 2 Corinthians

Week of November 9: Paying Attention to God

1 Samuel 21-22

Week of November 16: Intercession, Obedience and the Sovereignty of God

1 Samuel 23

Week of November 23 : A Man After God’s Own Heart

1 Samuel 24 (to be uploaded)