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The Road Ahead

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Dear friends, 

We are excited to let you know about the changes that we will be making effective immediately and the changes that are on the horizon. 

As per the BC’s Restart plan announced last week, we will be reopening up a number of in-person gatherings throughout the city. All in-person gatherings—indoor or outdoor—will come with COVID safety requirements and plans. Recognizing that we must protect the most vulnerable amongst us, we will continue to provide the necessary online resources and forums to gather safely.

We have mapped out the road ahead, understanding that timelines and plans can change. We are intent on reopening prayerfully, thoughtfully, and, most importantly, in a Christ-honouring way. 

By Fall, contingent on a set of data (e.g., vaccination rates, case counts, hospitalization, etc.), it looks like we might be able to return to the much-missed practice of gathering together for worship, in-person, as a whole, at the St. Andrew’s-Wesley building. We are looking forward to that time. 

We are thinking of you. We are praying for you. 

Let us continue to fix our eyes on Jesus. He is faithful. He is building our church. 

On behalf of the Pastoral Team, 
Justin Kim
Executive Minister

P.S. We will follow up with a link that details the latest on these changes.


Starting June 20th, we are launching a series of in-person worship services. We will begin with one in-person worship service in June. Two in July. Four in August. They will be held at the Coastal Church Commercial Campus (1645 N Grandview Hwy) on Sundays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. 

As per the religious gatherings variance, all in-person worship services will require registration, COVID screening, and other safety protocols. Due to the requirements around physical spacing, we have a maximum capacity of 25 registered attendees per service. 

In addition to our in-person worship services, we are organizing two live online services, mirroring what we have done for our Easter Sunday worship. Our two live online services will be held on the first Sunday of July and August. This will allow us to partake in the Lord’s Supper together. Moreover, we will include a virtual Pinder Hall time following the live services to create avenues of fellowship. 

More details will follow as we get closer to June 20th. 


While indoor seated organized gatherings of "up to 10 people with a COVID-19 Safety Plan” are allowed, if your Connection Group wants to meet in-person, we encourage you to take advantage of the summer weather and meet outdoors

If your Connection Group has access to an indoor space that allows required physical spacing, proper ventilation, and other COVID-19 safety measures, you are welcomed to consider the possibility of meeting indoors. 

Rebecca Thornber will follow up with the Connection Group leaders with a COVID-19 Safety Plan. 



Last summer, we hosted over 30 outdoor, in-person Area Pastorate gatherings. This summer, we will be doing the same throughout the city. In accordance with the organized gatherings guidance, our outdoor, in-person Area Pastorate gatherings will be limited to 50 participants. 

In the coming weeks, you will hear more from your Area Pastorate leadership team or Area Pastor. 


During the summer break, we will be shifting from Zoom meetings to outdoor, in-person gatherings! Preteens and youth will have opportunities to grow in relationship with Jesus and one another through local missions work (Serve+) as well as hangouts at the beach. Parents, keep an eye out for an update from Daniel Fabiano!

For our children, we will continue to provide our weekly High Five online resources. They will also get a surprise visit and gift from Joseph Leong (Shhhhh! Don’t tell them!). Additionally, we will be offering two Kickers summer camps in July and August. 


We have several outdoor, in-person gatherings scheduled for this summer, ranging from a Granville Island outing to hiking at Deep Cove. Additionally, when we get to Step 2 of the BC’s Restart Plan (earliest date: June 15th), we will be relaunching our in-person ESL classes and Simplified Bible Study.

If you know of anyone new to our city and would benefit from being connected to our community, please connect them with Filipe Balieiro


We are building partnerships with a number of local churches and ministries in downtown and East Vancouver to serve the urban poor. We are seeking to connect with those who are most vulnerable, not from a charitable mindset, but rather in solidarity, in genuine friendship and as advocates for those living in poverty.

David Nacho will be sharing more on what is being developed at our online AGM this month. 


In the Fall, we will be starting a series of growth and care training classes. We are excited about one of the growth classes that Rebecca Thornber and David Nacho are developing. It will revolve around the missional idea of belonging together in the city—integrating learning and practice.

As you are aware, John Tsang has developed a series of care training opportunities. More of those will be announced in the coming weeks and months. 


 Contingent on a positive trajectory of increased vaccination rates, decreased case counts, and other critical variables, our hope is that we will get to Step 4 of the BC’s Restart Plan (earliest date: September 7th) by this Fall.

In addition to being able to gather together for worship, we look forward to the baptisms, baby dedications, new members welcome, church meetings, seniors luncheon, Alzheimer’s Cafe, and other larger communal practices that can be and will be done in-person.

We will get there together. Let us continue to spur each other on towards Jesus Christ. Let us live as witnesses of hope.

Posted by Justin Kim