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In-person Worship Service | June 20, 2021

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Starting June 20th, we will reopen our 
in-person worship services. We will begin with one in June. Two in July. Four in August. 

We will be meeting on Sundays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Coastal Church Commercial Campus which is located at 1645 N Grandview Highway. Limited parking is available in the church lot. Street parking is also available.  The church is also extremely close to the Commercial Skytrain Station, and the 99 B-line Commercial/Broadway stop, if you take public transit.

Until we get to Step 4 of the BC’s Restart Plan, our primary means of worship will be through our First Worship recording and our monthly live online services due to the restrictions of the religious gatherings variance. This means that our in-person worship services will be for the recording of the following week’s services. In other words, those who attend the June 20th in-person worship service will be part of the First Worship recording that will go out to the wider congregation on June 27th. 

While the order of worship will mirror our First Worship recording, our in-person worship services will include “pauses" that are part of the recording process. We trust that all attendees will show grace. Perhaps, in those moments, some of us will be led to pray for all who will be taking part the following week! Perhaps, some of us will come to a greater sense of appreciation for our video production team. The gift of these in-person worship services will be an opportunity to be reminded of what we are missing deeply and what we will experience more fully when we get to Step 4. 

Please check below for the registration process, safety guidelines and protocols, and other pertinent details. Also, please note that plans can change depending on the variables that dictate the rollout of the BC’s Restart Plan. 


Registration is required for those who plan to attend our in-person worship services. 

Please follow the link below to register for the June 20th service.


Due to the requirements around physical spacing, we have a maximum capacity of 25 registered attendees per service. We would like to encourage you to register latest by Thu, June 17, 12pm and if the maximum capacity has been reached, we will notify you by email and place you on a waitlist. 

Once you register, you will receive an email closer to the service date regarding the health assessment form, check-in process, safety guidelines and protocols, and other building access and usage-related details. 

If you have any questions, please contact our church office at  .

Posted by Justin Kim