Sunday Visitor Passes

• Parking is available at Nelson Square (808 Nelson Street). The church lower parking lot is now closed for construction.

• Parking attendants will provide temporary parking permits upon arrival.

• For visitors with mobility limitations, there is a pick-up/drop-off zone on the curb lane of Nelson Street in front of the ramp entrance. 

For any further enquiries, please email the call the church office 604.683.8441 or email [email protected]

Pick-up/ Dropoff Zone

We will have a pick-up/dropoff zone on the curb lane of Nelson Street in front of the ramp entrance where people with limited mobility can be dropped off. Please put on your left turn indicator as you approach the pick-up/dropoff zone, both to alert the drivers behind you and to alert our parking attendant so they know to let you into the pick-up/dropoff zone. Our parking attendant will be on duty 30 minutes before each service. There will be an usher available at the ramp entrance to help people with limited mobility, from where they are dropped off into the aisles.


Monday-Saturday Parking Info

• If you are here for a church event, please contact the event organizer or email [email protected] for parking info.


Stroller Parking

• Reserved space for strollers can be found in the Narthex, the entry area inside the main doors of the church


IMPORTANT: Tickets and towing fees are the sole responsibility of the driver. Parking is managed by an external company and the church office is unable to cancel or mediate tickets.