Sunday Visitor Passes

• Parking attendants will provide temporary paper passes upon arrival

• First time visitors are invited to use reserved parking spots in the lot adjacent to the church

• For returning visitors with mobility limitations, there are drop-off spots
 in the lot beside the church

• Returning visitors are invited to park at Nelson Square – one block
 east on Nelson Street

Monday-Saturday Visitor Passes

• Pick up passes from the reception area or your event organizer

• These passes are valid in the lot adjacent to the church, except reserved stalls

• These passes must be properly dated and signed by the church office or event organizer

Regular Attendees – We Provide Parking Passes

• These passes validate parking on Sundays at Nelson Square

• These passes also cover midweek church event parking in the lot
 adjacent to the church when at FBC on church business. It also covers parking 6-10pm at Nelson Square when attending church meetings

• Special Needs passes are available to accommodate those
 with limited mobility

Stroller Parking

• Reserved space for strollers can be found in the Narthex, the entry area inside the main doors of the church

Copies of the Parking Policy are available in the church entry or Pinder Hall.

IMPORTANT: Tickets and towing fees are the sole responsibility of the driver. Parking is managed by an external company and the church office is unable to cancel or mediate tickets.