We are committed to guiding and equipping parents and grandparents with tools and resources to help them be the primary spiritual influencers in the lives of our children, preteens, and youth. More than ever, given the unprecedented circumstances, we are convinced that our role is to support families create spaces for spiritual formation. 


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Hi-five weekend

Kickers Soccer Camp 

We are excited to host Kickers Soccer Camp under the direction of Director/Coach Jose Figueroa. Jose, who has led Kickers for 12 years, has invested a great deal of time and energy to put together a plan that will help to provide a safe and fun camp. Together with his amazing support team, your child going to have fun and learn lots! More info here.

preteens & youth


We have planned some serving and fun activities in the Summer such as Serve+, beach hangout and day trip to Cultus Lake! For more information, please contact Daniel Fabiano.


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