HFTC Update

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HFTC Project Status Update (October 14, 2018)

Tenant Relocation

In accordance with the Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy, the Operating Committee has effectively and compassionately managed the tenant relocations. We are pleased to let you know that all of the impacted tenants have found housing. We are hopeful that all the buildings will be vacant by the end of this month, allowing for work to begin as soon as the permits are received. 


In the last week of September, Westbank began the demolition and excavation of the “red door” and staircase.  This has created significant changes to the daily and weekly routines for our church family.  The “red door” has now been moved closer to Burrard Street and new security measures for this door have been enacted.  If you are visiting the church during the week, please use this new entrance.  The completion of the “red door” excavation will not be complete until January 2019.   


The Development Permit is planned for later this month; however, it is subject to completion of a few agreements which have yet to take place and therefore we won’t be surprised if this is delayed until November.  The Building Permit and Demolition Permit will follow shortly thereafter dependent on all pieces moving smoothly.  These permits may not be completed until early 2019.


We are currently considering several options for parking once excavation begins.  We are exploring ideas around dedicated FBC parking on Burrard Street on Sunday mornings, and the concept of a shuttle that brings people back and forth to Nelson Square. Both options are still in the discussion phase and we will update you once we have a firm plan on parking.