HFTC Update

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HFTC Project Status Update (November 25, 2018)

1. Agreement to License Facilities

In the course of planning for our temporary displacement, we discovered that our neighbour across the street, St. Andrew’s-Wesley, is set to undergo a similar seismic upgrade of their historic church building. It is anticipated that their displacement will last around 18 months—starting from the second week of February 2019.

As a way to extend the hospitality of Jesus Christ, we will open up our place for our displaced neighbour. This space sharing is defined by an Agreement to License Facilities which specifies that St. Andrew’s-Wesley will have the non-exclusive right to reasonably use our facilities on Sundays only for their Jazz Vesper Service from 3:00 pm and until 6:00 pm. The Agreement to License Facilities also specifies that St. Andrew’s-Wesley will make best efforts to license similar facilities to FBC, on similar terms as set out in this agreement, should FBC require such facilities in the future.

We are grateful that a respectful, appreciative partnership has developed out of this agreement. We are blessed to be able to extend the hospitality of Jesus Christ to our displaced neighbour.

2. Permit and Construction

The Development Permit was approved by the City of Vancouver. In a matter of days, it is expected that the Demolition Permit will be approved. Shortly after that or potentially at the same time, we will have the Building Permit to move forward with the project.

Demolition and Excavation
Starting next week, the noise and inconvenience levels will increase as the demolition of the red door stairwell will begin. Please be mindful of the limited parking availability between Monday to Saturday.

In addition, the demolition of the buildings (adjacent to the upper parking lot) and the preparatory work for the excavation of the parking lot will start on December 3rd. As a result, our usage of the upper parking lot will cease.

As part of the demolition, the cedar trees bordering our parking lot along Nelson Street will be removed. We regret that the 17 existing trees on-site will be removed but 57 new trees will be planted.

Exit Stairwell
As you might have noticed, the construction crew is currently working on the demolition of the red door stairwell. In the next 2-3 weeks, they will bring together the wiring, insulation, and drywall. Once that work is completed, we will regain access to the newly reconfigured rooms (e.g., Preteens room, Youth room, Shelter offices). Following that, the next major step is the installation of an exterior staircase. It is expected that the installation will be completed by mid-January. Please do note that we will continue to use the new red door as one of our main entry points for the remainder of our time in this building.

Communication with Neighbours
We have communicated with Westbank that one of our key priorities is to be respectful of our neighbours and do what we can to mitigate the disruptions that are inevitably part of this project. Westbank will regularly issue notices, as per city policy, to all of our neighbours to ensure that they aware of the disruptions. We will also have contact details for Westbank at the church office in case of inquiries.


3. Impact on ministry

For the next 2-3 weeks, the Preteens and Youth rooms will not available for use as the construction crew will be removing the temporary drywalls to give way to the permanent interior walls. All of our youth and preteens events have been temporarily moved to other spaces. It is expected that we will regain access to the newly reconfigured rooms starting December 10th.


4. Parking

Starting December 3rd, the upper parking lot will no longer be accessible. However, we will continue to use Nelson Square on Sundays as well as the lower parking lot for those with limited mobility.

Starting January 1st, 2019, the lower parking lot will no longer be accessible. In order to support individuals with limited mobility, we have secured the approval of the city to create a pick-up/drop-off zone near the ramp on Nelson Street. In addition, we are working to organize a team of volunteers to provide transportation to and from Nelson Square.