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Lower Parking Lots Closed

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Lower parking lot closed off

The lower parking lot is now closed for construction.

We will have a drop-off/pick-up zone on the curb lane of Nelson Street in front of the ramp entrance where people with limited mobility can be dropped off. The zone (pictured above) will be blocked off. Please put on your left turn indicator as you approach the drop-off/pick-up zone, both to alert the drivers behind you and to alert our parking attendant so they know to let you into the drop-off/pick-up zone. Our parking attendant will be on duty from 9.30 am on Sundays. There will be an usher available at the ramp entrance to help people with limited mobility, from where they are dropped off into the aisles.

We will also have a few of our congregants who will be shuttling people who find it difficult to navigate the distance between the church and Nelson Square. If you would like to be given a ride from Nelson Square to the church before the service, please arrive by 9.45am and wait in the lobby of Nelson Square. The shuttle service volunteer will pull up in their car, outside the Nelson Square building lobby, to pick you up and drop you off at the church. If you need a ride after the service, you can meet the shuttle service volunteer at the ramp entrance after the service and coordinate the ride back. If you do need to be picked up and dropped off, please inform Soniya Mathew at the church office via email or phone the church office at 604 683 8441 so the arrangements can be made accordingly. Thank you very much for your patience, understanding and co-operation in working with us as we continue to work on alternate parking arrangements. For any questions, queries, concerns, suggestions or feedback, please connect with Soniya at the church office.

Posted by Soniya Mathew

HFTC Project Status Update (December 23, 2018)

Air Parcel

There are three parcels that were created and approved by the City of Vancouver. They are now legally registered. These air parcels have been created to allow for the financing, development, and construction of the residential condo tower as well as allowing for separate titles to the rental building and to the remaining lands which encompass the church facilities. Titles to the latter two parcels will remain with the church. 


Starting January 1st, 2019, the lower and upper parking lots will no longer be accessible. In order to support individuals with limited mobility, we have secured the approval of the city to create a pick-up/drop-off zone adjacent to the ramp on Nelson Street. We are also organizing a team of volunteers to provide transportation to and from Nelson Square. If you are interested in serving, please email Soniya at by Jan 7th.

In addition, when it comes to our weekday events, we have secured the necessary parking spaces at Scotiabank Theatre and Nelson Square for our volunteers and attendees.


The Development Permit and Building Permit were approved by the City of Vancouver. It is expected that the Demolition Permit will be approved soon.

Demolition and Excavation

Our 1023 and 1021 Nelson Street units were demolished three weeks ago. Our 1025 Nelson Street unit (“Hobbit House”) will come down as soon as the environmental clearance is secured. Due to the abatement process, the demolition of Rivendell has been delayed until mid-January. Despite the demolition delays, excavation will proceed as scheduled.

Operational Shifts

In order to complete a major electrical work, the church building will be closed on January 7th as it will be without power. Our staff will work offsite on that day.

It is anticipated that we will regain access to the newly reconfigured Shelter offices, Youth room (formerly used by the Choir), and Preteens room starting January 1st. We are grateful for all of the parents who opened up their places for some of our youth and preteens events.

Exit Stairwell

The next major step is the installation of an exterior staircase. The installation is set to be completed by mid-January. Please do note that we will continue to use the new red door as one of our main entry points for the remainder of our time in this building.

HFTC Project Status Update (December 7, 2018)

Since the last update from the Project Oversight Committee, we have witnessed a lot of changes!

Last week, our 1023 and 1021 Nelson Street units were demolished. For 25 years, 1023 served as a dedicated space for our youth. Though originally named the Servants’ Quarters (SQ), it came to be called the “Youth House.” Along with 1045 (Rivendell), for many years, 1021 served the missional purpose of providing affordable housing for our neighbours. 

It is anticipated that our 1025 Nelson Street unit will be demolished as early as this coming Monday. 1025, known as the “Hobbit House,” was birthed in the 1970s as a Drop-In Centre and Coffee House. It originated out of our church family’s desire and plan to go beyond the walls of the church. Over the years, 1025 housed various outreach activities such as our coffee house program for street-involved youth, ESL classes for our internationals, and counselling.  

It is important for us to acknowledge the deep sense of loss and grief over these changes. For some of you, these units are associated with some significant memories. However, at the same time, the changes we are going through are for the sake of God’s mission. As followers of Jesus, we are being swept into hope. We are being challenged to reimagine how the unchanging Gospel can be lived out in a rapidly changing culture. Our Good Shepherd is leading us and renewing us through these displacements—often challenging us to step out of our comfort zones. In the end, the “greater” work that is underway is not the demolition and construction of our new facilities, rather the “greater” work is the transformation and renewal of our lives as individuals and as a community. 

Leslie J. Cummings, in narrating our first hundred years as a church, closes with these words: 

“We should not stand with our backs to the future, looking steadfastly into the past, but stand facing the future, supported by the heritage of the past.” 

As encouraged by our beloved brother, Leslie, who has now joined the great cloud of witnesses, we must give thanks for the past—God has been faithful to us through the years. We must also give thanks for all that is ahead! 

Lord, renew us. Lord, teach us to follow you, humbly and boldly. 

With joy, 
Justin Kim
Executive Minister

Posted by Justin Kim