Wherever you are, inside the walls of the church or out, we seek to equip people to take their next steps towards Jesus Christ. The joy of community is that we can walk alongside each other—encouraging each other knowing that God is not finished with us yet. Discover your next step here. 



We are committed to worship that glorifies God and that is connected to the historic church. Our services creatively integrate both traditional and contemporary expressions. We use a broad range of musical content and style, to remind us that God is at work right now in the world, but has also been at work for centuries, drawing people to Himself. We respond in worship to God's actions in salvation history and to the revelation of His character through Scripture and seen most clearly in the person of Jesus Christ. For more information, click here


Connection Groups are groups of 4-10 people sharing life together, with the goal of transformation: we gather together unto the end of transforming the individual, the church, and the city.  Groups meet at the church, in homes, and in various settings around the city during the week.  The fellowship gathering usually includes Scripture study, prayer, sharing, meals, and serving in neighbourhood life. For more information, click here



Adult Education provides tools that help to equip us, together as a community, to grow as disciples of Jesus. It includes classes on Sunday, as well as other learning opportunities, that encourage growth in areas such as Scripture engagement, prayer, spiritual practice, and service. For more information on our next set of classes, click here.


We at First value prayer as a lifestyle, foundational in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether it be taking part in our weekly prayer or serving as a prayer companion to minister to others, we long for you to discover the joy of praying with and for others. For ways to connect, click here


Marriages thrive and flourish in the context of a (larger) community. Same goes for parenting. From premarital counselling sessions to mentorship from seasoned couples, we at First want to equip couples and families to be rooted in the grace and love of Jesus Christ. For ways to grow, click here


We care for one another because we are urged to do so by the example of Jesus Christ, by His care over all people of all ages, no matter where they are from or where they are going. We at First want to create safe and caring communities that welcome those who are hurting. We welcome your participation in the ministry opportunities provided. If you are one who stands in need of care, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. For more information, please click here


To learn more about our partnership with Keats Camp and Barnabas Family Ministries, please click here.