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Why Membership?

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The idea of membership at a church can feel countercultural today. We might become members at a gym or community centre, but why should we become members of a local church? 

Here are a couple reasons to consider: 

1) To more involved in the life of the church. In the Baptist tradition it is the members who prayerfully discern together how God is leading the church.

2) To make a commitment to communityWhen we accept Christ and are baptized we become part of a new family. Membership at a local church is a way to affirm this. It’s a commitment to know others and to be known, and to choose help one another grow as disciples of Jesus.

We will be running another series of Baptism and Membership classes in November after the Sunday service. These will be held at the Wall Centre across the street from the church. Anyone considering Membership is welcome to join! 

November 7: 3-4:30pm (Baptism Class) 
November 14: 3-4:30pm (Membership Class 1) 
November 21: 3-4:30pm (Membership Class 2) 

If you’d like to know more, or to attend these classes please contact Rebecca at  .

On September 24, Pastor Filipe hosted a baptism at West Point Grey Baptist. See this video for Cherry and May's baptisms.