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Summer Church Picnic

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On a sunny Sunday afternoon, a longtime tradition continued with good food and fellowship at First Baptist Church Summer Picnic! "Wherever there are people and food, there is fun!" Family and friends gathered at Memorial South Park after the worship service and the sizzling summer temperature didn't stop everyone from having a great time! 

The grill was fired up and both Ben and Daniel prepared everyone some delicious hotdogs and chorizos. The food table was filled with side-dishes that people generously contributed. It was a feast! 

We have some exciting activities for the kids this year - a carnival tent featuring face-painting and balloon twisting! By the end of the day, we have Pikachus, butterflies, princesses, and Batmans holding balloon flowers, swords, and bows roaming around the park! We know the "young-at-hearts" enjoyed these special activities very much too! Look who got matching Batman logos on their faces!

Time for some work-out to burn calories from all the hotdogs! Almira, our emcee of the day, invited everyone for a game of "Captain Ball" (Think Ultimate Frisbee but with a ball). Everyone got really competitive. We know that we are commanded to "love one another with brotherly love" but it is much easier to develop affection for a person if you see him tumble in the grass.

 A leisurely afternoon together affirms the need for rest and recreation. There is unpressured time for natural, extended conversation and significant relationships take time. Informal togetherness, especially involving recreation, cultivates the unity of God's people. Let us continue to nurture this beautiful community with the love of Christ. 

 Special thanks to Daniel, Rebecca, and Shufen for all the pre-planning; Adrian, Moses, Drema, David, Angeline and the young adults for setting up and cleaning up; Almira for hosting; Ben for cooking; Walt for preparing the grill; and others who have made this fun event happened.

 Hope to see you next year!


In Christ,
Joseph Leong
Summer Program Coordinator

Posted by Joseph Leong