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Street Ministries Update

Last week we moved out of our building for the next two years.

You don’t need me to tell you that every area of church life is impacted by this move. And yet, I thought it was important to address the congregation about the Shelter Ministry because it has such a public presence in our city and because in the months that I have been serving as the director, I have come to understand how much love, resources and effort this church has poured into the shelter ministry over the years.

Our Shelter Ministry has become Street Ministries; this change is not merely a result fo circumstances. Instead, it wants to signal our response to Jesus’s calling to be a blessing to the city. This is the invitation I want to extend: During the next two years, let us not simply look forward to returning to upgraded and newly built sacred spaces. Rather, let’s seek Jesus in the city, among the poor, among the lonely, among the new comers, and among those who are serving the poor in the city.

During this time, we won’t simply set our own table with our own initiatives, our own strengths and resources. Rather, we let us learn to collaborate with others in service. Let First Baptist model a way of being in the city that resembles Jesus, the supreme guest.

To do this well, we need to pause for a few weeks to deepen relationships and partnerships with others in the city. During these weeks, if our Lord is moving you to contribute and participate in Street Ministries with the poor and marginalized in our city, please contact me. I would love to converse with you. My email: .

David Nacho
Director of Street Ministries

Posted by David Nacho