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Onion Lake Mission Trip

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A First Baptist Church Mission Team was recently privileged to participate in a mission trip to Onion Lake Cree Nation Territory. The team was made up of myself (Bob Swann), Thomas Nairne and Adrian Schmidt. 

The main purpose of this trip was to support Pastor Martin Naistus and the church that he is pastoring - Onion Lake Full Gospel Church (Log Church of Cree Nation). By the end of the trip, we were blown away by how much we have learned and received by just observing how Pastor Martin and the church serve the community. 

We started the day with a maintenance project of the log church building. We sealed the gaps in between logs using sealant to block out wind and rain. By noon, we headed out to different places with Pastor Martin, ministering to different groups of people. We visited a lady and her family in need of prayer at the hospital at Lloydminster, prayed for a couple who have just lost everything when their home burnt down and visited a senior lady at a care facility near the health center on Onion Lake. Later one evening, we were able to spend time with a men's discipleship group, 40km north of Onion Lake. We shared testimonies and stories over a campfire from 7pm till midnight!  

We are very blessed by the privilege to serve alongside Pastor Martin. He is a man who walks with the Holy Spirit daily. He serves everybody. The way he does ministry and hands out grace is overwhelming to watch. I don't know if I have ever seen such love and grace in action. He taught us to come back home and offer grace to anyone in need. I almost wanted to say that we know that we don't know the deep needs of Onion Lake Cree Nation and that is why we came alongside to serve with Pastor Martin.  

There are a few ways that we could pray for the Onion Lake Full Gospel Church:

  • Pray for the youth of Onion Lake.

  • Pray for people in the church to come around Pastor Martin to take up some of the ministry work.

  • Pray that builders will help take care of the log church building.

  • Praise God for the support Pastor Martin gets from his family. Together they are real servants of God! 

Bob Swann
Minister of Mission

Posted by Bob Swann