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Miraculous Mission

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Last week July 22-26, we had a wonderful week at Camp at First. We had 25 children and 25 leaders/volunteers with us this year and our theme was Miraculous Mission: Jesus Saves the World!

The Friday evening before Camp, more than 20 leaders, parents, youth, preteens, and children came for a camp decoration party. Annette Arndt, our Decoration Director, did an excellent job of organizing the event. With pizza, pop, and chips, a great team was assembled, and excitement could be felt in the building. All the sites were decorated and prepared for the coming Monday.

At Camp, our children looked into the Bible, God's Holy Word, and discovered God's miraculous mission to save you, me, and the whole world! The Bible accounts of God's mission for us shared how God made the universe; His promise of a Saviour to Abram; the birth of Jesus, our Saviour; Jesus' death and resurrection; and Jesus' ascension. Each Camp session started at Miraculous Mission Opening, where the children gathered with their Team Leaders in small groups. They sang songs, listened to God's Word, prayed, watched the Opening Theme Video, found out more about their Mission Project, reviewed the memory verse, and learned the day's Take-Home Point.

After the Opening, the Teams headed off to five rotation sites for Storytelling, Bible Challenge, Snacks, Games, and Crafts. After lunch, the Teams had fun and creative activities such as baking, open crafts, treasure hunt, and outdoor games. Our site leaders did a great job preparing fun elements such as puppet shows, science experiments and short plays to deliver the message and the children had fun and learned at the same time. Finally, everyone came back together at Miraculous Mission Closing for music, prayer, and a wrap-up with the Closing Theme Video. 

On the last day of camp, the children were singing their theme song Miraculous Mission at the top of their lungs. The leaders then formed a semicircle at the front and presented a certificate to each child with a huge high-five. Before they left, each child got a decorated tote bag with their crafts, Miraculous Mission theme songs CD, and a God's Mission Collectible to help them share the themes and Bible verses with their friends and family. 

Lastly, here comes a long list of thank-yous. A huge thank you to our Director of Children and Preteens Ministries, Daniel Foster Fabiano, for his leadership and guidance. We want to thank St. Peter's Fireside's Family Ministry Leader Kate McGregor-Foxcroft, and her Ministry Assistant, Emily Greenman, for the wonderful collaboration and inputs for Camp. Also, a massive shout-out to all our dedicated Site Leaders (Mistin Wilkinson, Elana Schiller, Julie Thompson, Hellen Muuo, Geraldine Szabo, Emily Greenman, Kate McGregor, Maya Schiller, Claire Bosma, and Jonas Kuban), Team Leaders (Alessandra Reddekopp, Kezia Kawamura, Anika Kuban, Nadia Schiller, and Sophia Porter), and Assistant Leaders (Tikvah Wilkinson, Neema Muuo, Nayana Hyndman, John Jiwa, Claudia Schiller, Charlotte Bosma, and Daniel Consuegra) for offering the time, talents and efforts to serve the children. We are also thankful for Annette Arndt together with the families of Arndts, Bosmas, Muuos, Schillers, and Wilkinsons, and Julie Thompson for giving us the awesome galaxy-themed decorations and props

In Christ,
Joseph Leong
Summer Program Coordinator

Posted by Joseph Leong