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Meet our Missionaries

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Missionaries do amazing things. More accurately, God does amazing things through them. First Baptist Church supports the work of our members on faith missions, and also partners with Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) in global missions. We have put together a list of our missionaries to help you get to know them better and pray for their family and work!



David & Suzannah Nacho | Costa Rica
Sofia ('09), Andrés ('11), Anna Laura ('14)
Providing leadership, direction to CETI (Community of Interdisciplinary Theological Studies), resource development, teaching (Theological education, integral mission)

Bill & Janice Dyck | Bolivia
Global Field Staff

 Rev. André Sibomana & wife Marie Therese Musabyimana | Rwanda
Princess ('01), Aaron ('02), Therese ('05), Laura ('06), Benita ('09)
Africa Deputy Team Leader


Barbara Forster
Coordinates International programs here at FBC, including Bible studies and ESL.  Now in her 54th year of ministry!


John & Jooling Cuddeford 
Matt ('87), Josh ('94)
International Students Ministries Canada, Director for Vancouver City & UBC campus
 / john.  

Matthew & Caitlin Windsor | Northern Ontario
Hazel ('16), Eli ('18)
Wycliffe Bible Translators; Language Program Facilitators collaborating with indigenous churches in Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture use. 

Kaori Chua | Tokyo, Japan
Airi ('12)
With OMF, counselling and care.

Christina Winrich | Japan
With OMF; Language learning, discipleship training, evangelism, ESL

Greg Slade & wife Julie 
Technical/email support for Frontiers

Jose & Luz Figueroa
Mitzi ('87), Jose ('89)
Founders of Today's Family Network, a ministry dedicated to serving children and the adults who serve them. Includes the Entre Niños Ministry, Kicker's Soccer School, conferences, seminars, and mission trips.