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Fall Calendar (updated)

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What a wonderful summer it has been and we are so grateful to have everyone back again! As we look ahead to the fall, we do so with a sense of joy, expectation and gratitude for the ways we continue to practice the presence of God together in the life of the church community. Here is a calendar which highlights some key events and rhythms in the fall. Be sure to check the events page for more details and updates!

Sep 6 Preteens & Youth Family Kick-off BBQ
Sep 8 Induction of Anthony Brown as Senior Minister
Sep 8 School Age Pancake Breakfast & Parent Orientation
Sep 8 Young Adult Kick-off Lunch 
Sep 9, 11 & 13 Care Friends Training Group A
Sep 9 & 11 ESL Classes begin!
Sep 13 First Seniors "Welcome Back" Fall Gathering 
Sep 14 Fellowship Breakfast Kick-off  
Sep 14 Alzheimer Café
Sep 14 Children & Preteens Leaders Orientation
Sep 15 Book Club begins!
Sep 15 Starting Point
Sep 17 Overnight Shelter begins!
Sep 22 Volunteer Commissioning Service
Sep 22 Connection Groups Leaders Lunch
Sep 25, 26 & 27 Care Friends Training Group B
Sep 28 Church Leadership Team / Pastoral Team Retreat
Sep 29 Dedication of Children
Oct 4 First Seniors Lunch
Oct 5 Ride for Refuge
Oct 6 HFTC Capital Fundraiser Launch
Oct 6 & 20 Baptism & Membership Classes
Oct 11 Mission & Justice MAT | Anti-Child Sex-trafficking - Cathy Peters
Oct 12 Fellowship Breakfast
Oct 12 Alzheimer Café
Oct 12, 19, 26 Care Friends Training Group C
Oct 13 Starting Point
Oct 13 Thanksgiving Sunday (communion)
Oct 14 Homelessness Action Day @ First 
Oct 20 FBC Bookclub
Oct 21, 23, 25 Care Minister Training I
Oct 27 Baptism & Membership Welcome
Nov 1 First Seniors Lunch
Nov 9 Fellowship Breakfast
Nov 9 Alzheimer Café
Nov 14, 15, 16 Care Minister Training I 
Nov 22-23 Chapel Conference 2019
Nov 24 Soup, Share & Pray with Bill & Janice Dyck
Nov 27 Fall Business Meeting