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Christ is Coming: A Light in the Darkness

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Christ is Coming: A Light in the Darkness. Our theme for the sermon series this Advent captures the hope and light that Jesus offers us today. Much like the world that Jesus was born into, we also live with injustice, conflict, suffering and uncertainly about what the future may hold. And as he did in the first century, Jesus still offers us hope in the midst of darkness, and sometimes in ways we might not have been expecting. This sermon series will seek to answer the question: What difference does the light that Jesus brings make to our world today? 

Rebecca Thornber
Minister of Discipleship & Community


Embodied in the great Advent hymn, O come, O come Emmanuel, are ancient prayers designed to light the way through Advent towards the start of the Christmas season. These prayers each focus on a name for Jesus Christ, as expressed in Scripture, and through them Christ is invited to shine His light in our hearts, into our nations and our world. They help us to acknowledge Jesus as the fulfillment of God's great plan of salvation and include titles like, Morning StarRoot of JesseWisdom from on High, and Desire of Nations. Each Sunday in Advent we will sing one of these prayers together, proclaiming with the Church throughout history, that Christ has come and Christ will come again.

Ben Ewert
Minister of Worship


Throughout the season of Advent, we will take time to engage in preparing ourselves and our community for the celebration of Christ's birth. We warmly welcome you to join our church community as we worship, serve and share Christ's love.