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First News | September 2, 2020


Click the video below to watch this week's reflection by Joseph Leong.


Experiencing the Sovereignty of God

Messages on the relationship between God and David
from the books of 1 & 2 Samuel

“David? That’s the fairy tale about a boy and a giant, right?”

David’s story is the most comprehensive human story recorded in the Bible. His entire adult life from adolescence to death is chronicled over the course of forty chapters of the books of I & II Samuel and I Kings, and then retold over nineteen chapters of the book of I Chronicles. An extensive collection of David’s own songs and prayers are recorded in the Psalms, and the events of his life and the prophetic expectation of a new king in David’s line are continually referenced in the Gospels and in Paul’s letters.

Why is this one ancient Israelite so prominent in the Bible?

There are many good answers to this question, but as we read I & II Samuel together as a church we will see that two answers are of paramount importance. The first is the opportunity the account of David’s life affords us to observe the relationship between God and a single human being. The writer of Samuel gives us an honest picture of David, encouraging his readers to relate to him, particularly as David strives to walk faithfully with the Lord. His life is intentionally presented to us as a model by which to examine, understand and deepen our own relationship with God.

The second is the study of sovereignty. The process of David’s elevation to king over Israel, the contrast between Saul and David as rulers, and especially the relationship between David’s sovereignty and the sovereignty of God, all point us to profound truths about God and humanity at the heart of the books of Samuel.

Our messages from I Samuel will begin with the introduction of David in I Samuel chapter 16. In preparation for this you are encouraged to read I Samuel chapters 1 to 15. If you would like to do further preparation then you might like to read the book I & II Samuel for Everyone by John Goldingay, at least as far as the chapter covering I Samuel chapter 15.

Anthony Brown
Senior Minister


The study guides this year are designed to be used prior to the sermon. The guide provided each week will refer to passage of scripture that will be preached the following week to be used in preparation for this. Read this guide on how to use the studies. You can access all the study guides on our website:



Fall Kickoff 2020

Saturday, September 12 | 10am-12pm

At our Fall Kickoff, you will hear more about where we sense our Lord is leading us when it comes to our priorities and plans, especially as it relates to our reopening, displacement, and direction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to plan our in-person gatherings abiding to health and safety guidelines, please make sure to RSVP to your area pastor if you plan to attend.

West End/Downtown
Location: Stanley Park
RSVP: Justin Kim

North Shore
Location: Hugo Ray Park
RSVP: Anthony Brown

Cambie/South Granville/Oakridge/Kerrisdale
Location: Douglas Park
(by the trees just east of the community center)
RSVP: Stuart Campbell

Vancouver East
Location: Memorial South Park
(Host: Filipe Balieiro. Meet on the Ross side, near the lacrosse rink)
RSVP: John Tsang

Location: Debeck Neighbourhood Park
(from No. 4 Road, turn into Dayton) 
RSVP: John Tsang

West Point Grey/Kitsilano
Location: Trimble Park
RSVP: Rebecca Thornber/Filipe Balieiro

Location: Robert Burnaby Park
RSVP: Daniel Foster Fabiano

FBC Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, September 30 | 7pm | Zoom

Mark your calendars! First Baptist Church AGM is coming! It will be held on Zoom! September 30 at 7 pm. More information will be coming next week. We look forward to “seeing” you all!


Dr. Abe Voth entered into the presence of the Lord peacefully at home, in the company of Erika and his two daughters, on September 1, 2020. Abe was a well-respected and well-loved physician here in Vancouver and a faithful member of FBC. Abe will be dearly missed by his family and friends.  

First News | August 19, 2020

Weekly Reflection

Fall Kick-off 2020

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we found new ways to gather together safely and responsibly. Over the course of the summer, we hosted over 30 in-person, outdoor Area Pastorate gatherings. We witnessed growth in Connection Group participation. Our New Generations and Internationals met in various outdoor settings—ranging from Sunset Beach to Deep Cove. Last week, we had our VBS. This week, we are running our Kickers Camp. We have much to be thankful for. 

The next phase of our reopening will primarily focus on care. In order to meet the growing care needs of our congregation as well as of our neighbours, we are planning to host several, in-person care ministry training opportunities at Pinder Hall. They are as follows: (1) Care Friends Training, (2) End of Life Care (will be offered 2 times), and (3) Sanctuary Course – Understanding Mental Health. Our priority is to equip our congregation to care for those who are most in need. In addition, we are aiming to further develop our Area Pastorates to identify lay leaders who can help with the care of those who are most vulnerable and isolated amongst us. 

One important date to mark on your calendar is our Fall Kickoff on September 12th. We will be gathering by areas from 10 am to 12 pm. At our Fall Kickoff, you will hear more about where we sense our Lord is leading us when it comes to our priorities and plans, especially as it relates to our reopening, displacement, and direction. We hope to see you there! More details will be provided by your Area Pastors. 

Yesterday, as our Pastoral Team met in-person at Sunrise Park, I came away sensing two things. The gift of each other. And the gratitude of knowing that our Lord brought us together. All of us, without exception, are created and called to grow in community. In his book “Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them” (I love this title! Ha), John Ortberg puts it this way: “Community is the place God meets us.” Perhaps, for you, this means taking the risk of joining a Connection Group—a small group of broken people who long for Jesus. 

With gratitude,
Justin Kim
Executive Minister

Camp at First 2020

Dear First Baptist Family,

Amid the pandemic season, we are so grateful that we had an opportunity to connect with some of the children and volunteers through Camp at First. 7 children and 11 volunteers participated this year and we had so much fun together.

This year’s theme is Rainforest Explorers: Jesus Leads the Way. With the help from Julie Thompson and Angeline Teay, we transformed Pinder Hall into a rainforest! At camp, we looked into the Bible and discovered that Jesus leads the way to the treasure of eternal life with Him!

Each morning, our camp started with a welcome and health tips session by our healthcare worker puppet, Halley. She reminded everyone to wash and sanitize their hands and led us to recite our health chant: “Be kind, be calm, stay safe, stay strong!” We would proceed with the Music Session after that and it was a great joy to see the children and volunteers worshipping God with actions! Our favourite song is definitely the theme song "Jesus is My Treasure" and you can listen to it in the recap video. During the Storytelling and Bible Challenge Sessions, the leaders and puppeteers worked together seamlessly to bring God’s word into the children’s life. At break time, the campers would learn about a unique animal during the “Featured Creature” Session. Before the end of each day, the children would make some crafts to bring home.

A huge and special thanks to Julie Thompson, who has put in so much time and effort to make camp this year a successful one. She went the extra mile to incorporate puppet shows to bring out the theme and contents of Rainforest Explorers. The puppet show was a brilliant idea as it was an excellent way for children to enjoy learning while following the Covid-19 health and safety guidelines. Julie also offered wonderful resources such as books, crafts, ideas and gadgets related to the Rainforest Explorers theme. The children loved every bit of it!

A huge shout-out to our puppeteers, the Wilkinsons gang (Ciara, Tikki, Darve, and Jemma) for serving and entertaining the kids with their talents. Our featured creature puppeteer, Teddy Kim, did a great job in doing research of the special animals and he is amazing with his animal jokes too!

I would also like to thank our committed and passionate leaders: Daniel Surya, Hellen Muuo, Neema Muuo, Alessandra Reddekopp, Nadia Schiller, and Sophia Porter, for serving and loving the kids with their incredible talents and gifts. We couldn’t have done it without this fantastic team!

Lastly, we are thankful for all who have prayed and supported us during this challenging season. Thank you for your love and for remembering us in your prayers. We believe that it is the power of God through your prayers that held everything so wonderfully together.

Jesus leads the way! Amen.

Joseph Leong
Summer Program Coordinator

Celebrating Bob Swann

Zoom Celebration

Sunday, August 23 | 1:00-2:30pm | Zoom

We will have an opportunity to get together for a Zoom celebration to honour Bob as he transitions out of pastoral ministry after 21 years of faithful service at FBC! If you missed the announcement from Bob, click here to watch the video.

Follow the link below to RSVP by Friday, August 21 and a Zoom invitation link will later be sent out via email.


Love Offering

We would also like to show our love and appreciation by collecting a love offering for Bob. If you would like to bless Bob through a financial gift, please write a cheque addressed to "First Baptist Church" and indicate "Love Offering for Bob Swann" on the memo line.

You may mail the cheque to First Baptist Church, 969 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y1 or drop it in the church mailbox beside the office door on Burrard Street. Please make your gift by August 31, 2020.

*Please note that this gift will not be tax-deductible.

FIRST NEWS | JULY 22, 2020


Click the video below to watch this week's reflection by Bob Swann.


Throughout these weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have continually asked the question about what is the wise and best way to care for our NewGen friends physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. 

One of the main ideas that emerged from these conversations was the hope of running a scaled-down version of Kickers Camp. We see Kickers as a great opportunity to care and connect with our NewGen friends and families. 

And so, as we look ahead to August, I am excited to say that we are planning to host a Kickers Camp under the direction of Jose Figueroa. Jose, who has led Kickers for 11 years, has invested a great deal of time and energy to put together a plan that will help to provide a safe and fun camp. 

As part of our plan: 

  • We will be reducing the number of participants. 
  • Meeting directly at Jericho park. 
  • Reducing hours of camp from 10am-2pm 
  • Performing Daily Wellness Checks 

Though we can’t remove all of the risks from Covid-19, we still believe that we can have a safe and fun camp for our NewGen!

 Provided that the situation in BC remains stable over the coming weeks we hope to run Kickers from August 17-21 for children in grades 1-7. See here fore more details and registration link.

We do hope that your child will be able to join us this summer!

Daniel Foster Fabiano
Director of Children & Preteens Ministries


Camp at First. (VBS 2020) Rainforest Explorers!
Mon-Fri, August 10-14 | 9:30-11:30am | FBC

Camp at First is happening on August 10-14, 2020! This year's theme is Rainforest Explorers: Jesus Leads the Way! At camp, children will learn how Jesus is our ultimate guide in the rainforest and in life through bible lessons, puppet show, crafts and more!

READ MORE about the camp and our Covid-10 safety plan and SIGN UP HERE.

Contact Joseph if you have any questions.


West End/Downtown
Picnic Gatherings | Saturday, July 25/August 1/Aug 22
Location: Stanley Park
Join in any time between 11am-1:30pm.

Coffee/Tea and Prayer Gatherings | Thursday, July 30/ August 13
Location: Stanley Park Seawall Path
Join in any time between 9am-10:30am.

RSVP: Justin Kim

Picnic Gatherings
Saturday, July 25 | 11am-1pm
Location: Robert Burnaby Park *NEW LOCATION
RSVP: Daniel Foster Fabiano

Vancouver East
Picnic Gathering
Sunday, July 26 | 11:30am-1:30pm
Location: Memorial South Park
RSVP: John Tsang

West Point Grey/Kitsilano
Picnic Gathering
Sunday, July 26 | 1-3pm
Location: Trimble Park
RSVP: Rebecca Thornber

Picnic Gathering
Saturday, August 15 | 11am-1pm
Location: Debeck Elementary/Neighbourhood Park
RSVP: John Tsang


Since March 6, it has documented nearly 10,000 Canadian fraud reports with nearly 10% of these directly tied to the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the fact that more people are at home using the internet, managing financial health needs to include recognizing, rejecting and reporting fraud. Read more in this article published by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.


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