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Becoming a Member

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The idea of membership at a church can feel countercultural today.  We may become members at our local gym or community centre, but why should we become members of a local church? 

Here are a couple of reasons to consider: 

1) To make a commitment to communityWhen we accept Christ and are baptized we become part of a new family. Membership at a local church is a way of affirming this. Through membership we are becoming part of a covenant community. It’s a commitment to know others and to be known, and to choose to help one another grow as disciples of Jesus. This in itself can be part of our witness in the world.

2) To discern corporately the voice of Jesus Christ. Under the guidance of church leaders who are called to equip the membership in the task of corporate discernment, we believe church members are called to participate actively in the corporate search for God’s will for the church. This is rooted in the biblical concept of the priesthood of all believers—a Baptist distinctive.

If you’d like to consider church membership, our next Membership Classes will be held on February 9th and 23rd from 11:30-1:30pm

Contact   for more info or to sign up. 

 Rebecca Thornber
Minister of Discipleship & Community