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Fall Church Meeting 2021

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Dear Members of First Baptist Church,


I want to invite you to our Fall Church Meeting which will be held on Zoom, December 1, at 7pm. Please register here and and the Zoom meeting link will be included in the confirmation email. 

We look forward to giving thanks to God with you as we recount the many blessings that have been ours this year. It has been so very good to see one another, in person, at our Sunday morning services at St. Andrew’s Wesley. And it is amazing to watch each week, the progress of the new building across the street…. It just keeps going up!  And of course, at the same time, we can’t help but wonder what is going on inside our actual church building!  

 At our meeting we will consider two Special Resolutions (yes, higher quorum required), review the 2022 Budget and get an update on “what’s new”, beside all of the “usual” items on the agenda.

 We have attached the following documents: The Current Constitution with the Special Resolutionthe Proposed Constitution, and the Updated Borrowing Special Resolution. The 2022 Budget Document will be sent out in the next week.

If you have any questions regarding the Special Resolutions or the 2022 Budget, please submit your questions PRIOR to the meeting at  . It really helps us streamline our meeting.  Many thanks! 

We look forward to “seeing” you!

 Claudia Wakeman

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Scripture Quilts

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The banners hanging in the Sanctuary this month are from what became a series of “Scripture Quilts” - this set used at Advent/Christmas.   The others were used at Lent, Pentecost, and Thanksgiving. They were done many years ago when Bruce Milne was Senior Minister - and joined the banners that once hung on either side of the Sanctuary and those still hanging in the back of the balcony.  

Margaret O’Leary, a long-time member of FBC, and an exquisite calligrapher did the lettering for me on this particular set.   Unfortunately, the fabric cutting, appliqué and quilting process did not translate her lettering well - I tried hard, but needed her forgiveness!

As well, we later hung the “Christmas Angel”, a very large “stained glass effect” banner in the midst of the organ pipes which was crafted by Linda Werner and myself.  When the sound system went in behind the pipes, the banner was retired!


Always, the banners were created with the prayer that they would serve as a prompt to worship our Lord.

Claudia Wakeman

Posted by Claudia Wakeman