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In the busyness of life, we don't often take time to ask the deeper questions or to wonder if there is more to life than the narratives presented by our society. Is God real? Who is Jesus? Alpha provides an opportunity to discuss these questions, to hear the perspectives of others, and to reflect on our own. 

Sometimes it's hard to share our faith with friends or family. We worry that people don't want to hear it, or that we'll come across as being pushy.  Alpha creates a welcoming space where people who are interested in discussing questions of God and faith can ask their questions without pressure, and share what they think without fear of 'getting it wrong.' Guests are welcome to try out the course for a few weeks without committing to the whole program. 

The structure of the evening is simple: a dinner, a short video on different topics relating to Christianity, and a discussion in small groups. 

Alpha will be hosted at St. James Community Square on Monday nights from 7-9pm from April 15th to June 17th. 

Weekly topics:
April 15th: Is there more to life than this?
April 22nd: Who is Jesus?
April 29th: Why did Jesus die?
May 6th: How can I have faith?
May 13th: Why and how do I pray?
May 20th: Why and how should I read the Bible? 
May 27th: How does God guide us?
Saturday, June 1st (day retreat): Who is the Holy Spirit? 
June 10th: How can I resist evil?
June 17th: What about the church?

The best way to advertise Alpha is through word of mouth!  Would you pray about whether God might be prompting you to invite someone (and attend with them at least at first)?

If you would like more details, or if you are planning to come with a friend, please email me at 

Rebecca Thornber
Minister of Discipleship & Community