First News

First News | June 2, 2021


Greetings to you all!

On behalf of the CLT, I wanted to give you an update on how Anthony is doing. 

 You'll be pleased to hear that his blood pressure is regulating, and his other health issues have lessened as well. Both he and Helen are very grateful for your ongoing prayers and are very aware that God has had them firmly in His hand.

Anthony has been on medical leave as his doctors determine the next steps for his full recovery. He has several upcoming medical appointments that could help in that regard.  When it is the right time, we will be working with Anthony to determine the "when" and the "how" of his return to work. As you well know, our deepest concern is for him to have a full recovery.  

So please continue to pray for Anthony and Helen as they travel this uncharted path.

While Anthony is away from the "office", the Pastoral Team are diligently and carefully picking up the details and anticipating and implementing the plans for the summer and fall, particularly concerning our displacement and our hopeful return to in-person services in the next few months. I know they would be grateful for your prayers. It certainly has been an unprecedented time!!

God is with us! He has shown His grace and love in countless ways to us as a church and us individually. We are a blessed people! And we are thankful.

May you know His grace and love every day!

Claudia Wakeman


Greetings to you all,

Our Annual General Meeting will be June 23. We’ll have another opportunity to gather on Zoom to celebrate God’s goodness to us.

We have much to celebrate! This year we began with a surplus financially, we have successfully packed up and moved offices and we have officially entered into our “Displacement”. We have new spaces to call “home”. We are delighted that once in-person services can resume, we will be able to meet at St. Andrew’s Wesley Church across the street! And have you noticed how our new rental building as well as the tower, are going up and up! We will also be welcoming the Ewerts to our church family. Ben, our new Minister of Worship will be speaking at our AGM.

So put June 23rd, 7 pm on your calendar and plan to attend. More information will be forthcoming. Looking forward to seeing you!

Claudia Wakeman

Document for review: The 2020 Annual Report, comprised of the 2020 In-Review (from the Winter Church Meeting) and the 2020 Financial Statements.


Sat, June 19 | 9:30-11am | Zoom

One of the best ways that you can care for your family is to 'put all your ducks in a row' when it comes to things like wills, power of attorney, power of representation (health care directives), and funeral pre-planning. In this seminar, we will talk about why this is important, offer some pointers as to how to start, introduce the concept of funeral pre-planning, and answer your questions. We are delighted to have Joyce Ling (member of FBC, family, wills, and estate lawyer) presenting the legal portions of the seminar. Pastor John will facilitate and discuss funeral pre-planning. 

To register, please click here.  

First News | May 26, 2021

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Ministry Partner Highlight: Kinbrace

The Kinbrace community welcomes refugee claimants with housing, education, and support. Hospitality for those on the move in search of protection is one of the defining features of this community launched by Grandview Baptist Church in 1998. The COVID-19 pandemic slammed borders shut and decreased international travel, globally affecting asylum seekers’ quest for safety. Pray for them. More privileged people can travel, and we are grateful for the arrival from Costa Rica of Suzannah and David Nacho, creating an unexpected bond between First Baptist Church as David (one of the co-founders of Kinbrace) takes the lead as Director of Street Ministries and Suzannah joins Kinbrace’s staff team as the Community Coordinator. And there is more: Ben Ewert – recently hired as Minister of Worship for First Church – and his wife Krista with children Jakob, Ella, and Audrey arrived from the UK to Kinbrace on 23 May 2021 to live as host community members providing 24/7 hospitable presence with Rachel and Ben Kavanagh, the other host community family already in place. Refugee claimants have always benefited from the welcoming spirit of the First Baptist Church community (through volunteers, First Baptist Foundation, prayers), but never has it been quite so thick….! We step forward with gratitude and anticipation to together share a warm welcome with and for refugee claimants.

Loren Balisky
Director of Engagement

Meet the Kinbrace community:

Becoming Neighbours

Wed, June 10, 7-9pm


For those who are curious, want to hear stories, and learn more about Kinbrace and people seeking refugee protection, check out this wonderful Zoom event! More details here.


First News | May 19, 2021

Ministry Partner Highlight: Keats Camps

First and foremost, we want to say thank you FBC family! Like most this time through COVID has been challenging, frustrating, and always ever changing, and thanks to your support through finances and prayer we are able to continue pressing on. 

Last summer our camp was quiet, too quiet! We are excited to be opening our property up to families this summer for 8 amazing weeks. We are offering our families a chance enjoy all the joys that Keats has to offer! Let us take care of all the details (like transportation and meals), while you spend time with your family on an island getaway on the Sunshine Coast (in the Vancouver Coastal Region). Make each day your own, choosing from a variety of activities, exploring amazing West Coast nature on the island, or just finding a peaceful place to slow down. Come join us this summer for the best week of your life!

 Learn more and register on our website.

Stan Carmody
Executive Director
Keats Camps


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