First News

A Prayer based on Chapters 1 to 3 of the Gospel of Mark

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You are the beginning of the good news
You are the Saviour
You are the Son of God

The Kingdom of God is at hand

Prepared the way for You
By calling people to repent
So that they might be forgiven for their sins
And ready to receive You

We repent
And ask You to forgive our sins
That we might prepare the way for You
And receive You more wholly into our lives

You were baptized
Affirmed in Your ministry by Your Father
And tested in the desert

We thank You for the times of rededication to You that we have experienced
We thank You for all the ways You have spoken words of affirmation to us
And we thank You for the times of testing You have brought us safely through

You called fishermen –
Simon and Andrew, James and John –
To follow You
And, straight away,
They left their nets and followed You

When you call us to be fishers of men
Help us not to overvalue what we must give up
And not to hesitate to follow You

You brought a new teaching – with authority
And people were astonished
You told the unclean spirits what to do
And the spirits obeyed
You healed people with fevers, diseases and disabilities
And everyone who the crowds brought to You who was ill
You cured

We call out to You
To speak to us with authority
To deliver us from evil
And to heal us from our physical, mental and emotional wounds

You commended four friends
For their faith in bringing a paralysed man to You
And You freely forgave his sins

Help us be equally zealous
In bringing our friends to You
In the certain hope
That You will freely offer Your forgiveness to them also

You called Levi to be Your disciple –
A tax collector who had betrayed his faith and his people –
And You visited and ate with those
Others looked down on

Despite how we have betrayed You and Your people in our lives
We ask that You would call us to be Your disciples also
And teach us, in turn,
To befriend people others reject

You are the Healer
You are the Bridegroom
You are the New Wine;
The Wine of the Kingdom of God

Enable us to admit our need of Your healing
Help us to celebrate Your presence among us
And change us
So that our church can be the new wineskins
Filled with the life of the Kingdom of God

The disciples struggled to understand who You were
The Pharisees plotted a way to destroy You
And Your own family accused You of being out of Your senses

Help us –
Through the illumination of the Holy Spirit
Through prayer
And through the reading of the Scriptures –
To know You as You really are

We pray all these things
For ourselves
For our families
For our friends
And for our neighbours
To the Glory of God
And for the Honour of Your Name

The Kingdom of God is at hand


Posted by Anthony Brown

A Call for Servant Leaders

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Picture: Christ Washing the Disciples' Feet, Rembrandt van Rijn, c. 1645 - c. 1650


FBC has a Nominating Committee where its members serve in the capacity of inviting, listening and having conversations with its members, to discern candidates who would be available and willing to serve in a lay leadership capacity. Each year, during the Fall season, the committee issues a call for nominations from members in the congregation. 

This is an invitation to participate for a season in discovering, developing, and exercising gifts the Holy Spirit has given us, for the building up of His Body.  It is an adventure of creative energy to partner and support our pastoral team. Participate in shaping the work of the church through our many and varied ministries for our communal life and our neighbourhoods.  As a community of servant leaders, help FBC follow our Shepherd's lead in becoming salt and light in downtown Vancouver.

Jesus modelled and embodied His Father's Kingdom values and meaning of kingdom "leadership".  Paradoxically, it is an up-side-down picture of a leader.  Jesus came first - downwards - to lead by example in loving, forgiving, blessing, even breaking religious traditions to heal on a Sabbath, touch the untouchables, being hospitable to all, extending friendship.   Down on His knees, He led the way - to wash disciples' feet, pray, and finished leading in the ultimate sacrifice - laying down His life for His enemies.   Between the towel and the cross, He issues His invitation: follow me.  Imitate me, my image-bearers.  

It is thus also an opportunity to be open to the Spirit's ever-deepening work of moulding and transforming us as disciples, to become more and more like Christ.  Consider stepping into a different kind of soil this season - to be tilled, churned, fertilized, stretched, pruned in your growth as his disciples.   In the process, witness the mystery of the kingdom of God come deeper into your own hearts, our lives with one another, and into our neighbourhoods.  Expect to be blessed, learn to be better at "one-another-ing", bearing fruits of the Spirit. 

If you are interested to serve, or know of people suitable to nominate, more details are available in the Lay Leadership and Nomination document.  Please fill out a nomination form or pick-up an information sheet at Connection Point in Pinder Hall.  If you wish to explore or have questions, indicate on your nominating form that you want to talk. We would be happy to give you a call or chat over coffee/tea. 

Susan Ting
Nominating Committee

Posted by Susan Ting

Meet our Missionaries

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Missionaries do amazing things. More accurately, God does amazing things through them. First Baptist Church supports the work of our members on faith missions, and also partners with Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) in global missions. We have put together a list of our missionaries to help you get to know them better and pray for their family and work!



David & Suzannah Nacho | Costa Rica
Sofia ('09), Andrés ('11), Anna Laura ('14)
Providing leadership, direction to CETI (Community of Interdisciplinary Theological Studies), resource development, teaching (Theological education, integral mission)

Bill & Janice Dyck | Bolivia
Global Field Staff

 Rev. André Sibomana & wife Marie Therese Musabyimana | Rwanda
Princess ('01), Aaron ('02), Therese ('05), Laura ('06), Benita ('09)
Africa Deputy Team Leader


Barbara Forster
Coordinates International programs here at FBC, including Bible studies and ESL.  Now in her 54th year of ministry!


John & Jooling Cuddeford 
Matt ('87), Josh ('94)
International Students Ministries Canada, Director for Vancouver City & UBC campus
 / john.  

Matthew & Caitlin Windsor | Northern Ontario
Hazel ('16), Eli ('18)
Wycliffe Bible Translators; Language Program Facilitators collaborating with indigenous churches in Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture use. 

Kaori Chua | Tokyo, Japan
Airi ('12)
With OMF, counselling and care.

Christina Winrich | Japan
With OMF; Language learning, discipleship training, evangelism, ESL

Greg Slade & wife Julie 
Technical/email support for Frontiers

Jose & Luz Figueroa
Mitzi ('87), Jose ('89)
Founders of Today's Family Network, a ministry dedicated to serving children and the adults who serve them. Includes the Entre Niños Ministry, Kicker's Soccer School, conferences, seminars, and mission trips.

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