First News

First News | July 14, 2021


Last week was a beautiful and sunny week, and we had 35 children ranging from Pre-K to Grade 7 joining us at the Kickers Soccer Camp led by Jose Figueroa and the coaches. They did a fantastic job in putting together a fun and interactive soccer camp where children of all ages were able to participate and enjoy.

I am so thankful to see our young coaches, who used to be campers, now working dedicatedly with Jose to coach the children. A big shout-out to these amazing coaches: Jonathan Lim, Jonas Kuban, Luke Hardie, Jonas Kuban, Benjamin Tak, Sam Ross, Holly Rail, Bridget MacRitchie, Christian Kisun, Federico Hacker, Malena Hacker and Alex.

Jose, who has been dedicating his summers directing the soccer program, is a great blessing to the children and families. He demonstrates a great pastoral heart, and the children are greatly encouraged by and connected with him and the coaches. He is an inspiration to the children and us!

Enjoy the recap video above and come join our next camp in August! More details here:

In Christ,
Joseph Leong


We are marking a shift in our service pattern towards an afternoon time! If you have missed this update last week, please read more hereWe would like to invite you to either join us in-person or watch the service live stream online, at the same time: 3:30pm!

Attend In Person

Coastal Church Commercial Campus (1645 N Grandview Hwy)

Click here to read our in-person service FAQ page. Follow the link below to register.


Watch Service Live Online


We will be live streaming the worship service on a new online platform! The service will go live at 3:30pm and you can watch the replay on our website after the service has ended. No registration or account setup required.



We are pleased to announce that Suzannah Nacho will join our staff team as the Interim Director of Children’s Ministry on July 19th.

As a Global Field Staff of Canadian Baptist Ministries for 14 years, Suzannah has a wealth experience working with children, youth, and families. She is gifted in communicating the Biblical story as an invitation to encounter the text for early childhood, teens and adults. She has worked with congregations to experience the biblical story taught by children through storytelling and art, instilling a greater commitment in the congregation for the younger generation. Additionally, she has led participatory education to empower others through workshops, teaching and facilitating classes and study groups, as well as mentored individuals for leadership formation.

After finishing her studies at the University of Southern California, she began her studies at Regent College, where she met David. Suzannah received a Master of Arts (Spiritual Theology) in 2005. She is currently working as a Community Coordinator at Kinbrace, finding creative ways to engage resident, host families, neighbours and volunteers to learn and grow together.

Let us keep Suzannah in our prayers as she begins this new chapter at FBC. Suzannah, welcome to the team! 


We are looking to hire an Administrative Assistant to join our team!

This is a full-time position, working to support various members of the Pastoral Team, Office Team and other ministry teams, allowing them to work within their giftings on a consistent basis. This position is an integral part of a larger, diverse team, and will work closely with other administrative and leadership team to ensure the effective functioning of the FBC office and the ministries of the church.

Click here to see the full job posting.

First News | July 7, 2021


Dear friends, this coming Sunday we are marking a shift in our service pattern towards an afternoon time that will more closely reflect our situation moving forward from September 2021 when we will move into our temporary home, St Andrew’s Wesley United. At 3:30pm this Sunday, July 11, our final pre-recorded service will be shown in-person at our summer location at Coastal Church Commercial Campus and, in a first for First, streamed online. It is our hope as a pastoral team that you will either join us in-person or get together as a small group and watch this service online with family and friends at this new time.

Read more on our Reopening Plan Blog.


Summer outdoor area gatherings are back! This is a great way to connect with church families in your area and enjoy the summer time together. Contact your area pastors if you would like to attend.

North Shore

Jul 21 (Wed) 6 pm - John Lawson Park
Aug 21 (Sat) 4 pm - Hugo Ray Park
Sep 18 (Sat) 4 pm - John Lawson Park

Contact: Anthony Brown

West End / Downtown

Jul 17 (Sat) 11am-1:30 pm
Aug 21 (Sat) 11am-1:30 pm

Location: Open space adjacent to Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club, Stanley Park Brewing Restaurant, and the tennis courts.

Contact: Joseph Leong

Kitsilano / West Point Grey / UBC

Jul 24 (Sat) 11am-1:30 pm
Aug 14 (Sat) 11am-1:30 pm

Location: Trimble Park 

Contact: Filipe Balieiro

Cambie + 

Jul 17 (Sat) 11am-1pm
Location: Queen Elizabeth Park (Up top, the grass near the tennis courts)

Aug 21 (Sat) 11am-1pm
Location: Douglas Park (By the exercise area at 20th and Heather)

Contact: Stuart Campbell 

Vancouver East / Richmond / New Westminster / Surrey

Jul 10 (Sat) 11am-1pm - Vancouver East
Aug 7 (Sat) - 11am-1pm - Vancouver East
Location: Memorial South Park


Jul 17 (Sat) 11am-1pm - Richmond, New West, Surrey
Aug 14 (Sat) - 11am-1pm - Richmond, New West, Surrey
Location: Debeck Elementary

Contact: John Tsang

Burnaby / Coquitlam / Port Moody

Jul 17 (Sat) 11am-1pm
Aug 21 (Sat) 11am-1pm
Location: Robert Burnaby Park

Contact: Daniel Fabiano

First News | June 30, 2021

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Picture the scene if you can. In the hilly region around Galilee, the Mediterranean weather warm and dry, Jesus makes his way down a mountainside with his disciples. He has just spent the night up on the mountain in prayer before selecting twelve of them to be apostles. These would be with him more closely during his ministry. Maybe there was a sense of expectation in the air as people waited to see what Jesus would do next, and what he would say.

We read that he came down to a level place, a plain, and was met by a large crowd of people from all over: Judea, Jerusalem and even Tyre and Sidon. They had come to hear what he would say but also to be healed of their diseases. People crowded around him trying to touch him because we read “power was coming from him and healing them all.”

And in the midst of the bustle of this scene, Jesus turns to his disciples, raises his voice to be heard above the crowd, and begins to teach them.

What follows might be described as a manifesto for his kingdom. He tells them what it looks like to live as citizens of God’s kingdom in the midst of a fallen world. How they are to relate to God, to each other, and how they are to see themselves. He tells them what the most important thing is in life and how they can make sure not to lose sight of this.

Today, over 2000 years later, Jesus still speaks to us in this sermon. The priorities of his kingdom are still the same. As we step out of a season of isolation, a forced mountainside retreat in a way, we may also find ourselves moving back into the busyness of larger crowds. We will join our own gatherings outside on the grass in level places. But as we step back into the hurriedness of our lives, what do we need to remember about God’s kingdom? What priorities is Jesus calling us to have in this season?

This July we will begin a four week sermon series called Kingdom Living: The Sermon on the Plain looking at Luke 6:17-49. I invite you to come to this text with a sense of expectation. God has something for us in this passage today.

In Christ,
Rebecca Thornber
Minister of Discipleship & Community

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