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Youth Mexico Mission Trip

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Our youth group is getting ready for our mission trip to Mexico. 14 youth and 5 leaders will be serving the Lord in Ensenada, Mexico, from March 16 to March 23. I would like to take this opportunity to, firstly, thank our church community for supporting us in prayers and financially. Secondly, we would like to introduce the family that we will be serving in Mexico, the Hernandez Granados. Please read their profile and take some time praying for them. Click HERE to read their profile.

I would like to also share a video that can give you a taste of the type of work that we will be doing there in Mexico. To watch the video please click HERE.  

Finally, as our intern, Joseph Leong, beautifully wrote: "The participation in this mission trip to Mexico allows the youth and leaders to participate in the mission of God who was first sent into the world through the incarnation of Christ. It allows them to understand that mission is an attribute of the triune God because of his character - love. It will be a great experience for the youth ministry to learn to be faithful to shalom sharing and faith-filled engagement with the community in different places, races, and nationalities. When the youth leave the worship gatherings at First Baptist Church, strengthened by the words and sacraments, they are to engage in mission, caring for the marginalized, upholding social justice in the broken society and inviting the broken ones into relationship with the triune loving God. We believe this mission trip will provide the youth with significant experience to participate in the mission of God."

Here is how you could support us in prayer during our mission trip: 

  • March 16 | Pray for a safe and smooth journey to Seattle
  • March 17 | Pray for a safe and smooth journey across the Mexico border
  • March 18 | Pray for the four-day work of the house building project
  • March 19 | Pray for YUGO Ministries
  • March 20 | Pray for Mexico and the Mexican families who are in need
  • March 21 | Pray for FBC Youth Ministry & parents
  • March 22 | Pray for a good rest and quality fellowship among the leaders and the youths
  • March 23 | Pray for a safe and smooth journey back to Vancouver
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Accepting the Call

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Good Afternoon, 

It is my joy to let you know that Anthony Brown has accepted the call to serve as our Senior Minister! 

I want to express my deep gratitude to our Senior Minister Search Committee members, Edna Grenz (Chair), Leona Adams, Josh Bennick, Alan Dyck, Sarah Kawamura, Lynda Palmer, and Holly Rail. For the past 21 months, they have laboured faithfully and prayerfully on our behalf. 

I also want to thank each and every one of you for your warm encouragements, wise reflections, and earnest prayers. 

As we have been, let us continue to fix our eyes on Jesus, our Good Shepherd. Let us faithfully, joyfully, and courageously respond to the His call in all spheres of our lives. 

"Pure grace and nothing but grace be with all who love our Master, Jesus Christ." (Ephesians 6:24) 

With joy,
Executive Minister 

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Lent 2019

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Lent is the 40 day season that precedes and prepares us for Easter. Since the 4th century AD, it has existed in common Christian practice as a time to think seriously about who Jesus is and how to live in response to Him. Looking towards Christ's death and resurrection, we ask ourselves if we are dying to the things He has called us to die to in order that we might truly live. 

This year, we will continue with the tradition of having communion on each Sunday in Lent, meeting Jesus at His table week by week as we journey towards remembering His death and resurrection on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

And we're going to try something new this year: on the first Sunday of Lent (March 10th), FBC will participate in what is known as " A Capella Sunday." (Click the link for more info)  

 We will have two Ash Wednesday services on Wednesday, March 6th:

A simple noon hour service for folks who work downtown or who would like to attend during the day from 12:15-12:45pm in the Chapel and a longer service at 7pm with choral and congregational music. 
Both services will include the imposition of ashes. Ashes remind us of our frailty, calling us to repent and to place our hope in God. This is a great way to mark the start of our Lenten journey with Jesus. 

In Christ,
Andrea Tisher
Minister of Worship

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