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FIRST NEWS | JUNE 10, 2020


Click the video below to watch this week's pastoral reflection by Rebecca Thornber. *Happy Birthday, Rebecca!


Click the video below to watch an announcement from Bob Swann.


If you were an animal, what animal would your personality be?  

This past Sunday, the Cambie area hosted its first “Cambie & Company Coffee Conversation”(CCCC?) online, via Zoom. It was a wonderful time to get to know our FBC local neighbourhood, as in response to the above ice-breaker, a whole menagerie of dogs, birds, fluffy cats—and even a dolphin—emerged from the dark isolation of quarantine into the warm luminescence that is being known!

It has been my prayer for some time that a sense of neighbourhood affinity would develop within the different geographical pockets of FBC family. Living now as quarantined diasporas, anticipating future building displacement, and honouring our historical heart-for-the-city, I am convinced this is one of the key ways we must follow the Spirit’s leading: cultivating a rapport for fellow FBCers who live closer than you’d expect! In Cambie, then, we look to host future coffee gatherings, begin a WhatsApp chat, launch new sermon-discussion Zoom groups, and gather in-person for socially distanced bike rides, etc.—all that we might cultivate local community, camaraderie, kinship.

Affinity: an attractive force generating relationships. May that force be the Holy Spirit

…and coffee. (Who knew so many animal species drink coffee?!?)

Stuart Campbell
Connection Group Coordinator


Options in Senior Living

Sat, June 20 | 9:30-11am

We will be hosting a zoom session on the topic of Options in Senior Living. If you or your family members are considering options for Senior Living, this will be very helpful for you to navigate the different questions such as: levels of assistance, public vs. private, and the financial side of the decision. It is so important to think ahead as sometimes the home that you would like to live in has a waitlist. 

Our speaker and presenter will be Jamey MacDonald. Jamey serves as the CEO of Beulah Gardens and has recently made FBC his home church community. Jamey comes from a long history of pastoral work, denominational leadership and now serves at Beulah Gardens. Jamey will walk you through some of the factors and considerations and have a Q&A time. This is not primarily a workshop on Beulah Gardens but Jamey is obviously equipped to answer questions about that particular option. 

To register, please send an email to  .

Learn New Testament Greek!

Wondering how to productively spend all that quarantine time this summer? Well, you might never again have such a ripe opportunity to learn New Testament Greek! Stuart Campbell is soon beginning rounds teaching summer Greek with Regent College--but this time fully online! Just remember what ol' Martin Luther said: "If we neglect the biblical languages, the gospel will perish." Check out Regent College summer course offerings HERE.




Click the video below to watch this week's pastoral reflection by Bob Swann.


“Necessity is the mother of all invention” (Plato)

Back in March, when the Covid19 pandemic began, it was a necessity for us to create a simple system whereby we can extend care and connection to our members and adherents. So we divided Metro Vancouver into areas and assigned the pastoral team member who lived in that area to serve as the area Pastor. Some area Pastors have also enlisted the help of CG leaders or other mature individuals to help with the calling and caring. Overall, we have received very positive and appreciative feedback for this way of providing care to the overall church family.  

As the time of isolation continues, some areas are beginning creative ways to bring people together. In Vancouver East, I host an 11am connect and sermon conversation time on Sundays. This coming week, the Cambie (and vicinity) area will be hosting a Coffee and Conversation time at 1pm on Sunday. Over on the North Shore, the folks have been organizing a periodic afternoon tea time on Saturday afternoons. All of which fosters connection, care, and fellowship during this time of isolation. If you are interested in facilitating something for your area, we can help you get started, please contact your area Pastor for support.

John Tsang
Minister of Congregational Care


It is with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome Kira Fondse to join our staff team as our Interim Worship Coordinator! She will be working together with the Senior Minister to oversee all aspects of music and worship.

Most of you might have already known her quite well. She has been faithfully serving at FBC as a worship leader, choir member, and Connection Group leader. To help you get to know her more, here's a short bio of Kira:

Kira is a freelance musician, theatre artist and teacher, originally from Winnipeg. She has called Vancouver (and FBC) home for two years, and always enjoys singing with the choir and worship team. Kira is a member of musica intima and the Phoenix Chamber Choir, and was a past apprentice at Pacific Theatre. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Vocal Performance, and has performed on stages across Canada and in Europe. In addition to singing, Kira has enjoyed teaching music, creating and touring seniors musical programs, and assistant-conducting choral & musical theatre ensembles. In her free time, she loves exploring different parts of this beautiful city.

Let's keep Kira in our prayers as she enters into this new chapter at FBC.


We are very grateful for all of you who shared stories and pictures! We hope you would enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed putting them together!

Maureen Jones

Don’t leave your house??? Ok. Now what? NCIS reruns? Downton Abbey all six seasons? Ugh, there has to be more. How can I serve my community around me? 

I love to bake. However, I’m also Gluten-Free myself. I don’t bake GF which is good because then I can just share it. I’ve baked several times and delivered it to neighbours in my complex. I also knit and I’m on my sixth baby sweater. One was mailed to this lovely little guy who was born during this time. 

I truly miss my FBC family but through this, I’ve found that I’m drawn more to think about the family that surrounds where I live. My community. 

We are walkers and never before have we been greeted and also greeted so many people. Spoken to families out walking together and making eye contact with someone who is out alone. Possibly the only interaction they may have had in their day. 

We are told to love our neighbours. Even with masks on our faces did you know you can see a smile in people's eyes. Don’t forget to smile. 

The Hawkeys

Hello church friends! It seems like a lifetime ago that we last saw you in person. We miss you! For the Hawkey family, these last few months have been a time of highs and lows. Our usual crazy life of “work hard/play hard” came to a crashing halt... like many of you, the horrifying reality of a global pandemic was compounded by the stress caused by the sudden loss of our busy life of work, school, church, arts, sports, travel, socializing... it felt a bit like our identity was taken away. Our rhythms were disrupted. Things that had been a source of comfort became fraught with tension and fear. Our hearts found new ways to break over the state of the world and over the state of our family calendar filled with disappointments, cancellations, and big blank spaces with seemingly nothing to look forward to! 

But as the weeks passed we began to notice that the things that had mattered so much in our pre-Covid lives seemed to matter less and less, and new beautiful rhythms began to develop. Lilac, who is often travelling and out in the evenings for work events, found herself with time to prepare family meals again, time to play board games, time to sit still and read and just be connected to the family. Chris poured himself into helping the kids with their school-work and helping a neighbourhood friend whose husband is in the midst of cancer treatment. The girls delighted with each other’s company, wandering in the green space behind our neighbourhood, creating art and music together and making up crazy games on the trampoline. We have gone for family walks and bike rides, flown a kite together, played video games together, worked together and sang together! We have also had many episodes of tears and anger, boredom and anxiety... in all of this, we know that we are experiencing an incredibly precious time in the life of our family. 

Through all of these months, we have seen God’s gracious hand, removing the things we vainly clamoured after to give us peace and joy, and inviting us to a deeper, more lasting peace and joy. Our Good Shepherd has stopped us from chasing what we thought we needed. He has invited us to lay down in His green pastures and savour His still waters. In the midst of a global pandemic, as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He is restoring our souls.


Lord's Supper Preparation

We will be partaking in the Lord's Supper this coming Sunday via First Worship. You are encouraged to prepare the elements prior to the service. If bread and/or grape products are unavailable, you may use other food and drink.

Cambie (and Company) Coffee Conversation

Live in the Cambie, Oakridge, Marpole, Shaughnessy areas, or somewhere nearby? Please join us for a Cambie (and company) coffee conversation on Zoom next Sunday, June 7, from 1-2 pm. This is a simple attempt to develop a sense of connection for those in this collective area of Vancouver, and to ameliorate the isolation that we all feel! We hope this will be the first of multiple such gatherings. 

To RSVP, please contact Stuart, the area pastor, at   by Saturday, June 6.

FIRST NEWS | MAY 27, 2020


Click the video below to watch this week's pastoral reflection "Lectio Divina: Praying through the Scriptures" by Filipe Balieiro.


Click the video below to watch an update from Anthony on FBC worship services.


Two months staying-at-home and we believe most of us have found ourselves doing a few out-of-the-ordinary routines and practices. Baking, for example. Baking a LOT. We’ll look back on this time someday and it’ll be a strange, beautiful thing we shared: all this “alone, together” business. So with that said, check out some of the stories from our community, from sewing projects to delivering mails dressing up as a bandit! Enjoy!

Teresa Findlay

To stave off boredom, I got out my scrap fabric drawer and started sewing some fun projects. Don't know what I will do with all of the finished projects but here is what I have made so far. 

Kira Fondse

As an artist this time has felt like a blessing in disguise in many ways, because there is so much time to create and so little pressure. I’ve been spending my days collaborating with other musicians virtually, writing songs, practicing my baritone uke, and doing a lot of recording (and then, sending those recordings out to folks who I know could use some encouragement). In addition, I’ve been spending a lot more time in the Word and in prayer, going for long walks and engaging in plenty of phone/Zoom calls, so the days seem quite full. I am incredibly grateful to the many FBC members who have reached out and encouraged me during this time!

Jetty Kurniawan

I have been feeling artsy with art projects from my son's art class and gaining some new skills (hairstylist and baking Indonesian snacks) at home, that normally will not happen pre-pandemic time.



We have been homeschooling our children and running Teo's Academy since the stay-at-home orders started. Here are some pictures of us investigating the spring weather with a homemade rain gauge. We also made a wind vane. We took a Rainbow Spring Walk around the neighbourhood, collecting things that are in the colours of the rainbow. Click HERE to watch a cute video of Cheryl showing us how to make homemade lemonade.


Roger Grose

I have been delivering birthday card and a box of Smarties to our students who have had birthdays during this time of social isolation. So far I have delivered 167 birthday greetings. Click HERE to watch me in action.

Richmond Christian School - Special Birthday Delivery - Birthdays in quarantine have to be celebrated in more creative ways. This sneaky birthday bandit has been delivering treats and a card to those students who are having a birthday at home during this time. If your student is having a birthday this month be on the lookout for a birthday special delivery! Even with the mask he looks a bit familiar?! 

(Roger is the Superintendent of Richmond Christian School)

Angeline Teay

My bored roommate (aka husband), Joseph, watched a video on YouTube and wanted to try his hands on women's haircut. Thankfully, I think he did a pretty decent job. He has been watching a lot of "How to Cut Bangs" tutorials lately and to be honest, I am terrified.



Cambie (and Company) Coffee Conversation

Live in the Cambie, Oasome new skillskride, Marpole, Shaughnessy areas, or somewhere nearby? Please join us for a Cambie (and company) coffee conversation on Zoom next Sunday, June 7, from 1-2 pm. This is a simple attempt to develop a sense of connection for those in this collective area of Vancouver, and to ameliorate the isolation that we all feel! We hope this will be the first of multiple such gatherings. 

To RSVP, please contact Stuart, the area pastor, at   by Saturday June 6. 

Family News

Our brother, Ian Couper, went to be with the Lord on Friday, May 22. Ian was a gentle man of God and his wife, Christine recently passed away in Jul of 2019. Pray for Bobbie, Ian's son, and the extended family during this time.


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