Care Friends Training

Care Friends Training

Every Saturday, from 02/06/2021 to 02/27/2021, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Care Friends Training

This is the foundation of our caring ministry training conducted in an interactive group setting of 8 participants to foster teamwork, self-awareness, and reflective learning. 

Topics include:

  1. Importance of Caring – Biblical and theological foundation.
  2. What makes me ‘me’ as a caregiver? How have my experiences shaped and formed me as a caregiver?  Importance of self-awareness.
  3. Feelings and emotions – A window to our soul.
  4. Active Listening Skills I.
  5. Scripture and prayer in visitation and caring.
  6. Understanding grief.
  7. Experiencing the loss and death of a loved one.
  8. Boundaries, respect, dignity, when to refer.
  9. Self-care as a caregiver.

 Friends not from FBC are welcomed to take part in any of the seminars or courses.  All in person classes will be held in Pinder Hall and will follow Covid19 safety measures.  There will be a limit of 8 participants for in-person classes. 


Questions? Email  or call 604.683.8441.

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