first time with us?

On your first visit,  please check-in at the Early Childhood Welcome Desk downstairs or upstairs in the gym at the School Age Welcome Desk. There is a sign in the Narthex to direct you to these two areas. You may also want to ask one of our friendly ushers, and they'll direct you.

Our welcome desk team will make sure to collect your information and provide you and your child with a name tag. After that, we will give you a brief orientation of the space and flow of our program, as well as, introduce your child to one of our awesome leaders and some new friends.

We want to make sure that you have plenty of time, so we recommend arriving a few minutes before the service.


When checking-out your child, you as a parent are expected to come and pick up your child in person. For safety reasons, we ask that you bring the claim ticket with you in order to pick them up.

Sanctuary: We encourage all of our Grade 1s-4s & Preteens to be in the sanctuary until we share the Passing of the Peace.

Large Group/Small Group Format – Children first meet in a large group setting with grades 1-4 for a video and large group teaching time. Followed by breaking into small groups Gr. 1-2 & Gr. 3-4 for sharing, snacks, and going deeper into the lesson. 


We are glad you asked! Safety is a top priority for us. Every volunteer goes through a screening process which includes a background check, reference checks, and an interview (just to name a few things). Our hope and goal are to not only be a physically safe place but also a safe place emotionally and spiritually. We desire to be a space where children can ask tough questions and be in a relationship with leaders and other kids who support and care for each other.


To promote and maintain a healthy environment at First, we ask that you keep your child at home when any of the following are observed in your child: Fever equal to or greater than 100, runny nose, questionable rash, prolonged cough, difficulty in breathing (wheezing), diarrhea, colds with yellow/green nasal discharge,  chicken pox, measles or mumps, conjunctivitis (pink eye) or lice. If the symptoms (runny nose and eyes) are caused by a known allergy (e.g. hay fever, asthma), the child is not contagious and does not have to be excluded.) Our volunteers are unable and not allowed to administer medication of any kind to your children. If a child becomes ill or displays any of the above symptoms while in our care, we will contact you immediately. If a medical situation (beyond a little boo-boo) or illness arises and requires medical attention, you will be notified immediately. If a life-threatening illness or injury occurs, parents and emergency services will be contacted.