FBC Caring Ministry Training (2020)

Care Friends Training

This is the foundation of our caring ministry training conducted in an interactive group setting  to foster teamwork, self-awareness, and reflective learning. This course should be taken first in the process of learning and growing in the Caring Ministry.

Topics include:

  1. Importance of Caring – Biblical and theological foundation.
  2. What makes me ‘me’ as a caregiver? How have my experiences shaped and formed me as a caregiver?  Importance of self-awareness.
  3. Feelings and emotions – A window to our soul.
  4. Active Listening Skills I.
  5. Scripture and prayer in visitation and caring.
  6. Understanding grief.
  7. Experiencing the loss and death of a loved one.
  8. Boundaries, respect, dignity, when to refer.
  9. Self-care as a caregiver.

Care Friends TraIning 

4 sessions, 2.5 hours each, 10 hours total.
9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Group E - Mon Sept 28, Tue Sept 29, Wed Sept 30, Thu Oct 1

Care Ministry Intensives

END OF LIFE CARE - Caring for those who are nearing the end of life.  

3 sessions, 2.5 hours each, 7.5 hours total.
9:30am – 12:00 noon
Group A – Wed Oct 14, Thu Oct 15, Fri Oct 16
Group B - Sat Nov 7, 14, & 21

Sanctuary Course – Understanding Mental Health

4 Sessions, 2.5 hours each, 10 hours total
9:30-12:00 pm
Group B – Mon Nov 23, Tue Nov 24, Wed Nov 25, Thu Nov 26
Read more about the Sanctuary Course

For more information and registration, contact or call 604.683.8441. Dates are subject to change due to attendance. Please ensure you receive a reply for confirmation or registration or any questions (in a day or two).

Training opportunities are open to anyone. Joining the Caring Ministry Team will be a decision between you and Pastor John.