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Jenn Graves

Jenn shares how she answers the question "Who is Jesus?" Read More

Elly Krogman

Elly's experience of seeing Jesus in a simple and ordinary way. Read More

Almira Chow

Almira shares how she met Jesus, and how she continues to meet Him. Read More

Wendy Bredo

Wendy tells how God used her to minister to someone in an unexpected place.  Read More

Doug Scarrow

Doug shares a story of God's love for each of His children. Read More

Bill Patey

Bill's journey of walking with Jesus, through life's ups and downs. Read More

Maria Bitterili

Maria tells how God cared for her when life was overwhelming. Read More

Sharon Johnsey

Sharon's story of how God drew her closer to Himself. Read More

Filipe Balieiro

Filipe, and some of the Youth, talk about their SERVE mission trip. Read More