Liberia 2017

Kwendin #3 | February 17, 2017

I am writing this from the Guest House at ELWA in Monrovia, Liberia. It is pretty late at night (like 11 pm!) but I have dozed in broken bits over the past 36 hours so my body is really not clear what time it is. Besides, in Ladysmith it is only 3 pm! So I will take a few minutes for a short update.

We have had completely uneventful flights. I got a bit of sleep during the overnight flight across the Atlantic, and then we had 5 hours in Brussels. We had some breakfast and some of us snatched another few winks in lounge shaped chairs in the departure area. The flight down to Monrovia also went smoothly. Probably the greatest entertainment was watching people try to get their (maxed out limit of) cabin luggage into the overhead bins. There was hardly an empty seat anywhere, and it seemed most people were like us carrying all they can back to Africa.

We were at the front of the line for passport control so that went quuickly. And once we got to the baggage claim area, our host John Karmo was waiting for us. And one by one every bag came through--always a question, and always an answer to prayer when we get them all. We wrestled them onto luggage carts with the help of some porters and packed the two SUV's that were waiting for us. by then it was completely dark, about 9 pm, and the drivers drove us here to ELWA at about 40 k/hr so it took over an hour.

But they were waiting to welcome us here, and there is food in the cupboard for breakfast (we've all had a banana already).

Tomorrow is a shopping day--groceries for Kwendin and medications for the clinic.

I am not sure how much sleep I will get but I am looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight!

Dr. John Potts