Liberia 2017

Kwendin #28 | March 15, 2017

It is almost lunch time and we are coming to the end of our time in Liberia. Once we drive away from this guest house I can not be sure of having any internet access, although I sort of expect to be able to connect while in the departure lounge. But this is Liberia and one cannot count on anything. So I'll write this letter and send it while I have good wi fi access.  

Kristie and Kate and Spencer and I have come in from a swim. It is such fun riding the waves that come in and break on the beach. The water is so warm ( and the sun is so hot) that you can stay in for hours at a time if you wanted to. I'm sure we were there nearly an hour. Kristie managed to step on a sea urchin--I didn't know there were any on this beach. So she had 3 small spines in her foot that needed to be removed. She offered to buy me a cold pop (they are for sale in the fridge here at the guest house!) in exchange for removing the spines. Good swap from my perspective. The only tools at hand were my multi tool (and I keep the blade razor sharp) and her eyebrow tweezers, and between them we got all 3 spines out. Fortunately they were not in very deep. And Kristie was a very brave girl and did not cry. Bob suggested I simply tell her that my clinical work is over and she should go to the clinic in Kwendin.  

I have just spent 20 minutes downloading pictures from Bob's camera. All the rest of us have pictures on our phones and this little laptop is too stupid to connect with current smart phones so I can't do any other file sharing. I noticed one of the other guests has a Mac Book and I may ask to borrow it to download pictures from Kate and Kristie's iPhones. Otherwise picture sharing will have to wait till we get home. Each of us has dozens or hundreds of pictures so it is always a job to sort through them and find a suitable set to show to other people. Most people don't want to see more than about 20.  

There will be scrambled eggs and crackers for lunch (and there are still some sardines too) and Kristie has bought a handful of bananas for us. We leave for the airport about 5:30 and will spend the evening working through the lineups and sitting in the departure lounge. Our flight is 9:30 tonight.  

Home soon!

Dr. John Potts