Liberia 2017

Kwendin #2 | February 16, 2017

I am right now somewhere above Saskatchewan on the plane from Vancouver to Toronto.

Yesterday worked out well. Each of the team members made their way as planned, and we had the afternoon together. Bob's living room was crammed with stuff--we had brought more than our luggage allowance, and he still had some bags of stuff from last year to fit in as well. We worked away at filling 10 bags of 50 lbs and stacked them up. There is still a pile of leftovers for Anne to deal with in her living room.

We had some visitors as well. Courtney Klassen dropped in--he was part of the team in 2014, a math teacher. He and his students produce little video instructions which will play on the tablet he has left at the school. So he had a few more videos for us to bring. I loaded them onto the micro SD card on my phone and hopefully that will work. He also had a stack of pictures for us to give to people. It was good to see him. He is thinking about coming again in the near future and it would be lovely to have him along again.

Barbara Seymour-Gray also came by with some things to bring, including pictures for some individuals. She has been to Kwendin with us twice in the past, but is not planning to come again. I think she is about 10 years older than me and I am not planning to be part of the team 10 years from now! Again, lovely to see her.

Three of the staff from Bob's church also came by to say good bye and to pray with us. Good to be going with their strong support and blessing.

At supper time Brad joined us. He is also on staff at the church, from South Africa, and so he has lots of sympathy for Africa mission work. Besides, he and Spencer were roommates for a while. Brad is now married so he has a different roommate! Anyway he was with us for the evening and then he and Spencer went home for the night.

The team had a chance to talk a bit and pray together before going to bed at a reasonable hour.

We were up at 3:30. I was thankful for a good sleep--I don't always sleep well the night before travelling. Already an answer to prayer--thank you God.

Bob and I took the bags out to the airport where we met up with Spencer--Brad had given him a lift. Then Bob and Brad went back to pick up Kate and Kristie.

While unloading the bags I managed to tear quite a large hole in Spencer's duffle bag. So Bob brought some needles and thread from home, and some small zip strap ties, and we spent a little time with me and Kristie sewing, and Bob putting zip straps in, and cobbled up the hole adequately.

This will likely be the last trip for that bag I think.

We chose to NOT use online check in, and chose NOT to use the self check in, and went to a real live person to check in. We've had bad experiences and prolonged confusion with check in, in past years.

This time we had a wonderful lady who handled the whole shooting match--boarding passes x 3 for all 5 of us, and luggage checked through to Liberia for all 5 of us. Another answer to prayer. Thank you God.

We had some time to have breakfast together at Tim Horton's, then Brad prayed for us and we headed through security to the departure lounge. Completely uneventful, which is the best way to travel, thank you very much.


OK now we're safe in Toronto getting lunch. Pleasant flight, now we have 3 hrs before the overnight flight to Brussels.

I'll see if I can send this with their wifi.

Dr. John Potts