Liberia 2017

Kwendin #19 | March 5, 2017

Sunday evening so there's a few minutes to write. Soon we will have a few minutes to sing together too. I won't send this till tomorrow.  

Kristie has some ideas of thing to write about daily life here, from the perspective of someone here for the first time. I think that will be a good set of observations so I'll let her at the keyboard after we sing.

The new fuse for the generator is working like a charm--charging up our batteries as we speak. I'm glad to have an adequate power supply. Our solar supply is OK for us but there is a non stop set of requests to charge phones all day and all night, until the poor old batteries can't keep up.  

I hear there are a few inches of snow on the ground in Ladysmith. What a different world from here. I just finished my shower and I'm already sweating again. I like to think it is the muggy period just before a rain, but the clouds are far away on the horizon so I'm not at all sure the rain will come tonight.  

Yesterday Kate was hanging up her solar shower in the girls bathroom when there was a crash. "Are you all right?" "Yes..." I went to see. Sure enough she was perfectly fine. But the handle on the shower bag had broken as she hung it up on the wall, and it had hit our rain tank tap on the way down and popped the tap off the pipe. I put my thumb over the water pouring out and called Bob. He went out to the tank and shut off the water supply, then brought the pipe glue and cleaned up the joint and glued it back together. So now we only have 4 shower bags and one of those has the sprinkler nozzle broken. And we are fine.  

Yes, we are constantly fixing or revising or jury-rigging something here to keep things going. TIA.  


Hi, it's Kristie!

After a tough email yesterday, I thought I would share a couple funny things...  

I am all out of my tiny sample perfume that I brought...truth be told I have hardly wore it since being here. I suspect it evaporated in the heat. For those that know me, I tend to feel naked it without it...However, I was feeling the womanly urge to smell more feminine and in my search to smell lovely I was left with choice my DEET lotion or coconut sunscreen. I choose the sunscreen! Then, the next day we went to see a neighbouring clinic where i spotted a young girl (15 years I'm guessing at max) selling soap. It was white and creamy looking. I couldn't but think maybe it's shea butter. Maybe is vanilla. I smelt it and not much of a scent, but finally something handmade and local I could buy and maybe bring home. So I bought some, about a pound of it for 30 LD (30 cents)! On our way back home, Dr. Potts being the smart man that he is explains how soap works at the molecular level. So when I asked our local friend he shared that the soap is made from caustic soda and palm oil!!! So not for skin! Not for scent! Just an opportunity to support a young business woman and a gift for some local people to wash their clothes.  

So now, another funny moment! I feel like I was going through puberty despite being in my early 30s... I was sitting with one of the older woman and I notice her legs. they were so beautiful and shinny (no stubble at all and here I am on my last razor with one week to go!!) So I asked, thinking I am about to discover some secret African woman trick. Ready for it? She is born like that; some african woman don't grow leg hair!!  

ok, I am asked to sign off now for our song time.