Liberia 2017

Kwendin #11 | February 26, 2017

Sunday evening. We have finished supper (Bob made us some French toast from bread that was starting to go moldy) and during the meal we had a lovely rainstorm. Our rain tanks are now about 1/2 full after using them for a few days since the last rain. I did notice that the gutters hardly leak at all--Bob did good work on them the other day. Some of the team are starting on dishes while I write, and I'll see if this will go tonight. Interestingly I have been unable to connect to the internet at all today. It does change from hour to hour here.

This morning we had a leisurely morning and left for church about 1030. The little church in town has an adult Sunday School class before the 1100 service so that was just winding down as we arrived. The service itself was led by the women today and they did a good job. One of the ladies preached a sermon out of Mark 11 which was a good encouragement to me.

Kate and I went on from church directly to Tappita to admit our surgical patients for tomorrow. We had packed up our stuff before church so we could do that. The question in our minds was which patients would show up, knowing that we had tried to get the message out to get patients to come today instead of the original plan to come on Tuesday.

Just to complicate that set of questions, one of the clinic staff had come right after breakfast to try and persuade me to put a couple of his friends onto the list instead of the ones that are booked. I only agreed to have them come, and put them into any empty spots for people who failed to show up. He understood that well. So part of my wondering, was whether we would have two extra patients to deal with.

When we arrived there, there were 4 out of 5 patients already waiting for us. Because it is Sunday, there were few staff in the admitting offices, so I worked with one guy who was absolutely a star. Once we got started, the fifth patient showed up. I would say it takes 20 minutes to register a patient, receive payments, write receipts and fill out the admission forms. And we had 5 to do. We had his full attention for about 1.5 hours or more. Well, not quite full attention--periodically another patient would arrive to pay for some medications or a lab test and he would interrupt his work with us to serve them and send them on their way.

Neither of the extra 2 patients showed up--maybe they had heard that all 5 of the booked cases had shown up.

We managed to process all 5 of them and get them settled into their beds. I examined and wrote up each of them and made sure the nurses were happy with tomorrow's arrangements. We also met up with the 5th patient from Friday--you may remember he came late and was booked to be operated on by Dr Nuanh on Saturday. Sure enough he did get his surgery, and I will send him home tomorrow morning.

We got home about 4 pm and things here were very peaceful. I scavenged some old solar panels from the neighbouring house (the one Bob is fixing up--the solar electric system is non functional there). Three out of four were still working fine so I have hooked them up to our own batteries here.

A little time to sing and talk and pray together. Pretty soon it will be bedtime. This is going to be a busy week with two surgery days.

Dr. John Potts