Early Childhood


We hold Infant Dedication Services three times a year. The Dedication Service is an act of thanksgiving and commitment on the part of the parents. This Service is also an opportunity for us as a church to pledge before God that we will do all in our power to provide a place where your child can at any time find spiritual help, a place to worship God and an environment where he or she can be instructed in the things of the Lord.

It is a real joy for us at First Baptist Church Vancouver to support your desire to bring your child in an act of thanksgiving and dedication at one of our services. We understand this ceremony to have three purposes:

  1. To express your gratitude to God as a parent for the gift of your child;
  2. To promise before God that in your home the name of Jesus will be honoured;
  3. To give us as the congregation of First Baptist Church Vancouver the opportunity to support you in the great responsibility God has given you to rear this child in a sinful world.

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